Giveaway #14: The Pat-a-Cake-Baby Wet Bag [Stylish Mum’s Essentials #2]

Again thanks to MieVee who had organize this lovely giveaway. This bag is suitable for us especially when we’re travelling back KL. Can keep all my dirty nappy. Although i dun use clothe diaper but i use clothe nappy and i always bring back Mlk to wash. Hope that winning this bag will make my travelling easier instead using the recycle bag which will stink after soaking in pee. I wish i win the “Wet Bag – Juicy Jungle” it’s really cute…

(taken from

some intro..Mutya, co-founder of Spinkie (Singapore based online store that specialises in stylish baby products handmade by designer Mums and Dads) The store have blankets, bibs and dresses made from lovely printed fabrics!

Hurry up and join now at . Giveaway will end at 12thNovember 2010 (Friday)


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