Cut Hair 1st Time

First hair cut : 28 Oct 2010.

Yes, after 1yr old i cut his hair for the very first time. minus the trimming during 1 mth old as yi shi yi shi for the auspicious believe.  Since there’s not much to cut i just cut the top, and both side. kautim. hahaha… i did keep it in a small plastic as remembrance. i am a very sentimental person. if can i want to keep everything. 😛 i also kept his 1st finger nail i cut and his umbilical cord ..haha

all those i already hv plan. to make into a scrap book. but.. i dunno when i will start.

(last seen with long hair)

i totally forget to snap a picture of before and after.. so i’m only searching tru my gallery for the availables. 🙂

(look at the sho chai)

without having a nice view of him, i just cut and there is goes. senget and too short.  but looks like “Rain” the korean singer ma… xP

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