An Adult Story

There was this little boy. Who live in the dark for such a long long long time. All he could hear is just fade voices and water all around him. He have no friends to talk to.  All he have is a long long string to play with. One day he heard an unfamiliar voice, not long he could see a bright shiny thing coming right into him and it’s getting bigger and bigger. And suddenly everything around him is so bright and so noisy. baby got scared with all the noises and bright light and he started to cry.

But even tho baby is scared, he could hear a familiar voice calling him “baby”. he feel warm and love by 2 people whom they call themself mama and dada. He was so happy, everyday he just eat, sleep and play. Mama would bathe him, play with him, feed him and carry him all around. In the evening, when dada return from work, he would cuddle baby so tight and play with baby. He also put baby to bed and tuck baby in so tight. Sometime he will hug baby to sleep too.

After a few year, as baby grow up, He could not feel so much love arnd anymore. He could hear mama and dada talking to each other loudly all the time and it scares him. 1 day, dada took a big huge bag and leave the house. B4 he leave he told baby to take care of mama. dada look back with a sad face and tears rolling down from his eye. Dada promise will visit baby once a wk.

baby don’t understand why dada have to leave. why can’t dada and mama stay together and love baby like it used to be. one day when dada bring baby to their fav ice-cream shop, baby ask dada why dada leave them. dada’s tears roll down again and he didn’t say a word. baby told dada, that mama is also hiding and crying at home all the time. dada then told baby that dada make mistakes and make mama cry. then baby told dada to apologize to mama because baby always makes mistake and make mama angry but when baby apologize mama will be happy again. dada juz shook head.

after a few days baby when to mama and ask why mama didn’t forgive dada like how she forgive baby everytime he make mistake. mama told baby it’s an “adult story”. everytime mama juz say the same thing, when baby ask. baby didn’t understand but didn’t give up.

baby grow older as he was going into primary school, he saw his friends dada and mama came together to his for family day, concert day. they always sit together. baby was sad again and remember about “adult story” his mom told him. he ask his friends around him. what is an “adult story”? his friends answer him, you love me, i love you then get married. “LOVE”  is the word. but why love would separate his parent? he still couldn’t understand.

when he was in secondary,  during his graduation ceremony  he saw his friends dada and mama again. they came together. baby got sad again and wanted to findout why he doesn’t have dada and mama that comes together. he ask his friends again what’s “adult story” . this time his friends told him it’s exciting to be and adult because you don’t need to worry about exams and you can play all day long. everybody is so excited to grow up. “Exciting” is the word. baby is still confuse.

baby soon going to college. 1st day of college baby saw many dadas and mamas came together in a car. baby dada and mama didn’t came together. they always came in separate cars and leave in separate cars.  he was sad and start to ask around his college friends what is “adult story”. his friend just answered him 1 simple word. “SEX”

baby couldn’t understand why. It was “Love” , “Exciting” and “Sex” that causes his parents to split. Suddenly he realize… he found out the reason why his dada and mama were separated. Why they didn’t live together and have to come in different cars all the time. He knew what is the “adult story” all about.. he knew what dada did ….. is was “love exciting sex”… the “adult story” his mama was trying to tell him was……..”adultery”


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