Sunday School

They started at 10.30am. Praise and worship but Jboy didn’t pay much attention. He just run around in the hall and kacau other kids. :S

Then the class start to seperate into few groups and we’re in the toddler grp where by it’s meant for 2-3yrs old. :S

Jboy did enjoy in the class singing and dancing. He was runing and clapping his hand all the way…

(look how clever is Joel kor kor)

Then all the kids sit down and gather around for some story telling. He is really into the story telling.. nah.. i’m joking. where can sit still. after awhile he starts to run again.

(getting restless)

They all had some artwork and activities. ya my great Ha-B didn’t capture any of those he just sit at the corner playing is BB. (toopid) It was his first class at least show some interest or take some picture lah! *argh* now u know why his boy is this acting such way.. showing no interest at all. yes i’m too busy entertaining my boy i didn’t capture anything either.

They had some biscuit break and then back to the class to continue with the plastersin play time.  we went back earlier because it’s time for his nap.

Dunno should bring him to the next session. He seems to be very happy but he is disturbing other kids too.

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