Water Tumbler

There’s so many out there. My cousin specifically told me not to get those with straw. Those bottle where u turn to close the bottle and the straw will somehow bend and hide inside. She said those are very dirty and cannot wash. Later it will grow fungus and it’s un-washable especially kids drink their bottle with oily and dirty mouth after food.

I took her advice and bought sippy cup from First Year. It has 6set and cost only RM10. Jboy had been using the sippy at home and and sippy water tumbler (RM10)

Pro: Jboy don’t like to drink water. So the rubbery tip is nice for biting and he tend to sip bit by bit water into his mouth. At least is a good way to trick him to drink water. The bottle itself is also rubbery so it won’t slip away. The tumbler is not fully water leak proof but it’s not a huge leak either. Overall is easy to dismantle and wash.

Cons: The cap is really lousy. It never stays at the bottle. Too loose. The tip looks very “chakai” looks like it had been cut by a blade or something. Although the cut had not expand but i still feel it not professional at all.

Overall: For the price, OK lah. what to expect. It’s just a drinking bottle.

After sometime i realise, my boy still doesn’t know how to sip from a straw. so i start to search for a washable straw water tumbler. It’s from Kidbasix – The Safe Sippy. This time it cost me a bomb! RM89. Reasona i choose this 11oz  not-so-well-known brand

(1) it had 2 function, sippy and straw. so i don’t need to worry if he doesn’t know how to use a straw? just switch to sippy loh.

(2) all the part could be dismantle and wash. no hassle and no more dirty oily fungus. hahaha..

(3) no need to worried BPA free or not. It’s stainless steel. maybe can use until next kid. but since my sister bought the wrong colour (suppose to be green) she is buying a pink if my next is a girl 🙂

Cons : ya still there’s cons.

(1) the handle looks fragile. i dunno it is or not but it can be bend and i’m scared that my chorlo boy will break it. but so far OK.

(2) when it’s converted to sippy or straw it’s not leak proof. there’s another accesories (that comes with the bottle-dark orange) it’s like a plug to prevent leak. so it’s still leak proof but if u fix the “plug”

(3) abit mafan to keep all the “spareparts” lah. so going out can only choose sippy or straw. unless u kuasa to bring everything out. i bring, i keep it in a small container.

(look how i strip naked the bottle..hehe)

Can’t believe i used to write reviews of make up and now i am writing reviews of diaper and water tumbler??

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