Life is so funny~~

There’s 1 day, i went to the bank, my son was still struggling to walk on his new shoe. he’d always been kaki ayam so he can’t walk properly with shoe. but banks, carpet fall down also nvmd loh. jus abit dirty ma. then i saw this old man walking with a tongkat. he sat down and my boy just walk toward him and look at him. the old man also look at my boy and gave him a smile. i look at both of them…. life is so funny… the old man is struggling to walk and my son is also struggling to walk too. circle of life~~

Today i went to do my pap smear. we were in a lift. my son is scared of the sudden movement in the lift so he was shouting and smiling at the same time to get over his fear. then i look at the lady behind me, she was smiling at him. i told the lady he is afraid of the lift sudden movement. then we went separate way. i went to the paediatrician for my boy check up 1st. After his check up, i went to my gynae and i saw that lady in then lift, she walk out from the clinic looking pale and dizzy. She can’t walk properly.  i highly suspect that she just had an abortion. life is so funny, i’d struggle to get a baby and she just threw it like tat..(but i suspect only lah~~)


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