Health Conscious or Fussy?

My boy is born to hv a hyper sensitives skin. I’m always concern when it comes to anything that contacts with his skin or food. At least for a year.

I used baby detergent “Pureen Kiddi Wash” although many parent don’t really think that it’s necessary but i continue to used up till he’s at least 1yr old. Ya now i’m still using because i haven’t finish up the previous bottle. I don’t know what’s the effect toward Jboy’s skin if i don’t used it. But so far i think it’s ok. Sometime i will add a cup of “Dettol” too. Recently i’d been mixing with adult powder wash using the detergent just to remove stains like poo and food stain. So far still OK. (keep my finger cross) So hopefully when this bottle finish i don’t need to use it anymore. Expensive you know!

When comes to washing his feeding bottles and other utensil. I used “Anaskku” It was Sale when i bought them. RM22 for 2 huge bottle. It’s also used to wash vegetable or fruits but of course i’m not so kuasa to do tat. It’s like normal dish washing detergent but it claims to be made from plant based ingredient. I don’t know lah. I hv 2 bottles so it’s a long way to go to finish it up. Last time when i was BF i will used everyday bcoz the bottle is super oily and the pump too. Now i just used 2-3 days once? yes i am a lazy mom. i don’t use soap everyday to wash his bottle but i sterilize every time b4 i use it.

Recently my son is not eating well so i also bought a low sodium table salt to mix into his porridge. I don’t know.. i just feel that normal salt we eat contains chemical to whiten the salt. this salt is natural evaporate sea salt. haha.. i dunno i’m too much or over. but no harm just doing what i can do for the best of him.. hm…

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