A, B, C…

I have the ABC chart from Wyeth, but my beloved son keep tearing it down. Thank God it’s plastic. He must really hate to read… So i decided to just keep it until he is ready (i dunno when lah)  Initially i decide to paint the alphabet on the wall but worrying that the paint will be toxic so i didn’t actually do it.

Yesterday i saw this cute wall sticker and since i’m waiting for Ha-B just might as well so hv a look. OMG it’s so cheap RM2 and they have alphabet. Jboy won’t be able to tear it down anymore! haha… i quickly buy 3pcs. 1 alphabet, 1 plane and 1 fishes. wanted to buy 5 but nothing really attracts me. they hv those wall deco but i bought all for Jboy so i prefer cuter version. hm… which wall should i decorate now?

my 1st alphabet chart sticker

look how serious to learn

fish and star at grandma’s (this is a good tumbler shall write a review soon)

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