My BB Progress

He’s just turn 1. He understands thing better now…. u ask him to wait while changing diaperor while u on the tv he can wait . u tell him to come he will come. u tell him “don’t want” he’ll shake his head. u tell him “give to mummy” he’ll gv it to me. but he also throw tantrum easily especially when he wasn’t given what he want. It’s about time to teach him some discipline but how? The worst thing is after finishing his milk, he still wants more, (7oz now)  and he refuse to let go his bottle. Cannot grab it away from him. got to tell him nicely “Jdric give mommy the bottle” even if he give the bottle doesn’t means he agrees. he’s juz do it as being told!

sometimes me wakes up in the morning and climb onto me and lie on me. just being manja i guess. sometime he watch his vcd he sandar on me.. either on the arm or on my body. he’s showing sign of “leech-ing” terribly.

he had not been feeling well and i haven’t bring him to the pool for quite sometime. 😦 1st his penis got infection, then he catch cold. and now on and off his nose is wet. slight flu and cough but not serious. (that’s the problem of quitting BF) 😦

thank God that he didn’t catch fever after his 1st yr jap (MMR) but after the jap, he was abit manja. cannot touch his leg, he’ll go “woo” “woo” jap on the right leg … left leg also cannot touch. however after his afternoon nap, he totally forgotten about it and start to walk and climb around. now i’m think should bring him for the pneumococal jap? since i’m going to let him be in Sunday school and exposure to other kids will be more and definitely will get macam macam sickness. but the jap is soooooooo ex! how leh~~ but the jap is to protect him. but the virus is mutating… *argh* i dun wan to think about it~~

since he is 1. it’s also time to change his milk powder to stage 3. i tried S26 because Enfa is always increasing their price. Infact i heard fromt he shop the freq and the amount of the increase is always more than any other brand. they really think we’re “sui yi” ar? damn… but when i cahnge to S26 he got terrible diarrhea. 1st box nothing happen but 2nd box he purge non stop. i let him try isomil (soya) for a few days he is ok with it. but soya is not good for boys. somehow studies said will be infertile. yalah my boy still young mana tau next time really infertile how? no choice i change back to Enfa. hai~~ until now his stool is still soft type

he now prefer to walk around. even in shopping center. but he doesn’t really can balance himself. he fall on the floor and then start to crawl. he’s like a kampung boy crawling arnd and if i refuse to let him crawl he’ll scream and make noise. really tak tau macam mana. this stage is worst. cannot sit still and wanna climb, wanna walk… best is dun go out….

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One thought on “My BB Progress

  1. Babe, think it’s not stop BF issue that Jboy is getting sick lah. It’s the environment. I stopped bf Sara for quite some time now.. and throughout since she was born, she was never sick (just feverish after jabs), and I pray it continues that way for as long as it is. Just need to take care of the environment and make sure his hands and face is always clean. Take care, you’re doing a great job, mami!

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