Discipline Issue III

I realize that time-out is not a punishment. muahaha.. and i tot i wan to use it on Jboy if he’s notti (the Nanny 911 lah) anyway time-out can only be used to calm the child or to move away from throwing tantrum. time-out can be as short as 10sec as long as the kids can control his anger or calm down. that’s the purpose and after time out the important thing is to teach them the right way and not nag or scold. hm….sound easy… let me try someday…

by using the when-then could be successful to telling ur child what to do. example when u finish ur dinner, then u can hv ur ice-cream. the child will tend to be more willing to eat up the dinner (what u tell them to d0) knowing that they can eat the ice-cream (what they wan to do) later on.

there’s also a need to set up a routine like clearing up the toys b4 bed time. this is to make habit for them to keep their toys. which i think it’s really a good embedded discipline. ROUTINE. but sometime i myself find it hard to do routine.. haiz~~ how to educate my son leh~~

the 1 lesson i really love is the 5.3.1 which i think could work. telling the child 5min to go and 3mins and 1mins. this gv them to get prepare rather than juz ask them to leave whatever they are doing. this is also a respectful way to them. i think it’s really a good way BUT when i told my cuz about this. she told me it doesn’t work coz her child break down in tears knowing that the time is running out.. muauhahahah… kids.. kids…there’s no 100% way to educate them but i’m sure 1 will find its way..

i still find NOT saying the negative words is hard. EG: No, Don’t, Stop, Cannot. It’s so hard to practice. Even i try to practice now but i end up dunno what to tell him. Some are easy like he’s throwing his toy i can tell him to put down the toys nicely. but what if the climbs high or beat other children, or throw his food or how can i say NO or DON’T. oh~~ this is so tough to be parent…

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