My neck ache like hell

i had been suffering this neck ache since as long as i could had remembered. probably way back in May or June 2010. Yes so many months. Once awhile it will be gone but most of the time it’s there. I guess could be the nite feeding. Coz i’m direct feeding, i always fall asleep during the nite feeding and my sleeping posture will be very awkward. It always give a backache or neck ache after i wake up. So i’m thinking as the long run of the nite-feeding-with-wierd-posture may cause the long term neck ache.

Although no more BF i’m still having slight neck ache until recently. To be exact after the birthday party for Jboy. i had tremendous neck ache suddenly during the party. During the night it got worst. My shoulder was so pain i can’t lift up my hand and even my arms is in pain. i can’t sleep. i can’t turn over. it was the longest nite in pain! next day went to Ha-b gugu’s hse to urut and crack the neck, shoulder and arm.

well, the muscle did get loose abit. on the way back to mlk i stop by dayi hse and took some pain killer fr mom. it didn’t help much. so i went back and took a muscle relax and stronger pain killer. Finally i could sleep for the nite. Mil came with me to mlk to help me to jaga my son. how sweet of her.

I realize that my neck and shoulder ache was excessive carrying heavy things (my boy) i always carry him with my right arm. that is why my right neck and shoulder was always in pain. I could feel it when i lift him up, my neck and shoulder muscle all was pulling so tight and it is all the exact spot of the aching! Gosh! until my son learn to walk properly, i don’t think i can recover.

I was getting better after 1 day of medication but the following day. Jboy seems to have diarrhea so i keep carry him to the toilet to wash up. Today my neck ache again.


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