Church Service & Chinese Birthday

Today Jdric is officially at Church for service BUT i didn’t pay attention to anything. Too busy focusing on him. However he did behave well during the praise and worship. Just as the prayers started he is making alot of noise. Not the frustration noise but more like “talking”. So i quickly bring him into the baby’s nursery room to avoid any distraction for other ppl =P

He is sick so i was quite reluctant to bring him into the room but no choice. He was of course the nosiest in the room and the most playful. He play with himself a toy. But violently :S

Another set of toys arrive today too! I know i’m a bad mommy i only know how to buy toys~~

But i really feel this is a good educational toy, with colours and shapes to learn. =P

it’s also using non-toxic paint =D

*Ha-B is real speachless* after so many toys he is having …. (here)

Anyway it came just in time for his birthday today (Chinese Calender – 8月12日) =D

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