Special thanks to a special friend

I hardly talk to her when we’re in secondary.. we’ve nothing in common back then…

NOW, we’re almost the same topic. KIDS. haha.. this is a never ending story we can tell each other.. learning from each other.. after knowing her more, she’s a nice person, and a very informative person. she would spend time reading and doing survey for her kids.

and initially i was supporting her to continue with her BF and now ends up she had more than enuf. i need to learn from her pulak.. hahah.. i hardly had enuf when jboy is on solids. 😦 but i guess it also means i can stop anytime and plan for another.. heheheheh….

it’s really unfortunately that her son is like jboy. (or perhaps jboy is worst?) anyway skin problem that is…she’s really a great mom…she reads alot and try all sort of different things to cure her son… she even share with me her mom’s remedy. i haven’t try it out yet, but weather it works or not, i’m really glad that she is sharing this with me because i really hope that there’s something can cure my dear boy. it’s so worry-fying that he might not be cured and looking at Ha-b’s family’s condition, haiz~~

Thanks LL for sharing and learning from you too!


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