My first baby food preparation

It’s kinda funn coz i don’t cook but i cook for Jboy. haha.. it’s not actually cooking. It’s lots of steaming, sun-ing, blending and grinding.

Okay here it is…

1) Steam the carrots, potatoes, apple with slow cooker. You can steam anything. Next i’m going to steam cauliflower, brocolli, sweet potato, pear, banana. Some ppl gv the baby raw, but i’d read that it’s better to cook 1st because we don’t know the baby can stand the acid or anything in the fruits or vege. Maybe later stage can eat raw.

2) Next blend it! I don’t know if you should wait until it’s cooler or not but i blend while hot coz i’m “kan cheong”. hahaha…you can mix with bf, formula or normal water to pureed it. My apple is already full of juices so i didn’t add anything. the potatoes i ass in formula milk. the carrot i mix with potatoes. you can mix anything with anything. even raw meet that’s what i read. but u have to cook it later on. mine i juz wanna re-heat before feeding so i make sure all is cook. lazy mom lah..

3) wait until room temp then store into ur whatever storage. some ppl say need to be sterilize and bla bla bla. but i only wash it and go tru with boiled water. besides i’m thinking of keeping it for months. so, i don’t really bother. maybe it’s not good but i don’t know.

(steam with slow cooker, apple took out liao)

( potato puree + formula milk, carrot + potato puree x 2, apple puree x 2)

storing in brands is better than plastic because when u wan to re-heat them, you can juz rendam in hot water. no need to worry about BPA free or anything. but make sure it’s clean lah. yalah, i did wrongly with my apple puree.

oh ya, i also blend some rice. wash, sun, blend and store. i store in the brand’s chicken essence. normally porride is 1:3? means u cook 1 cup will end up 3 cups. it also depends how watery or sticky you wan it to be lah. anyway i blend mine and store it at arnd 1oz. since he’s drinking 5oz now and should increase anytime. Cooking the porridge

1) pour out the rice and mix with water

2) put into slow cooker or u can juz use ur stove. but since i’m going to re-heat some other puree so i’ll juz use the slow cooker.

3) wa-laa you’re ready.

( my “tools”)

(1oz blended rice)

BTW all this i sendiri think wan. so maybe can change abit here and there.

p/s: it’s better to steam the food rather than boil or microwave. 😀

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