Official Flip

Today he did his official flip without much struggle. Even though he did it a few times but he still didn’t “catch” the style.

There was once he did it but bcoz he was too angry i lie him down flat too long and dunno how i turn my head awhile he did it. 2nd time was sleeping in mom’s room. Then we was making alot of noise. i woke up and found his face on the mattress. He do not know how to turn his head side ways to sleep. i think he is not used to it. when he was young i use to let him sleep facing down but dunno why as he grew older he cannot turn his neck. he must hv a short neck. :S 3rd time was the same nite, his face was this time on the wooden floor. :S

Now he can do his flip, it should be a proud thing but sadly i hv to watch him more closely. hai~

Besides that, he is already starting to play water during his bath and when i pour water unto his head, he will close his mouth shut and blow out the water. Cute-nie. (ele.. masuk bakul angkat anak)

Ah.. and his fever was recovered the 3rd day. Seriously this time is the worst of all. But it maintain througout 38ºC lah.

Forgotten to update..

Weight : 8.7kg

Height : 58cm

Mom’s weight : 72kg (WTF? only 1 kilos?)

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