Our progress

He knows how to play with his toys. He shake it hard to make the rattling sound. Was abit shock myself but i think this is how they grow each day. 😀 Glad i’m at home.

Everything he takes he put into his mouth which is quite dangerous because if there’s a bit unhygienic he’ll get diarrhea which i’m afriad coz i didn’t jap him with the rotavirus vaccine.

My BM production has reduce alot. i think partly bcoz i didn’t eat normally and always skipping meals. i skip meal not bcoz i wanna go on diet but really no time to eat. 2ndly i didn’t pump anymore. means i didn’t emptied out my BM inside me. which means the body will be assuming that i’ve more than enuf. therefore produce less.

my hair had drop like nobody business. nearly 40% and i’m going botak soon. i decided to cut my hair short. maybe i should go for treatment but, i’m still BF, should i? hm…

went for 3rd jap. he is worst than the 2 jap before.  1st time his fever gone on the 2nd morning. 2nd jap he still having fever on the 2nd day but was going to get well coz the temp didn’t increase. 3rd jap, 2nd day he is still 38ºC. thank God this will be hi last jap until he is one yr old. *phew*


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