Tam Chiak

Previously i had tried given him a piece of apple to suck and he love it. he was grabbing my hand so hard so that i dun let go.

Today he is 5mth and 2 days, i fed  him with solid food sold in supermarket. nope. i didn’t made myself for now coz i was thinking he wasn’t ready. So just bought a ready made food for testing purpose. At first he  shows a soury face coz the it was an apple flavoured. After a few times, he was getting used to it and he open his mouth automatically to ask for more.

I do not know should i start to give him now or wait until 6mth. some of his digestive system might not be ready to take it now. hm.. i think i better wait. now is just for trying and playing…but at least i know, he can swallow solid food already.

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