Quick Update

he had learn to play with his tougue and lips. he find it very amusing

he learn to make tweety bird lips. *picture later*

his neck is more firm and can stand firmly with support

he knows the mechanism of walking, left-right-left-right

he can control his thumb for him so suck properly

he can use his hand better like pinching me to wake me up

he is becoming a very manja boy because i’d spoilt him especially b4 sleep

he likes to use his either confort blanket or teddy bear or pink doggie to cover his face when he sleep

surprisingly he is holding his bottle by himeslf to finishes up the 5oz milk

he still doesn’t know how to turn over

he can use his strength to pull himself up to sit up straight

he not only can blow his nose (with my help) but he can also sedut in his nose 🙂

when i bathe him, i say “1,2,3” he will close his eye, but not close shut lah

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