New Pacifier

Reason i bought this is because the current i’m using is keep on droping out from his mouth. Wondering is it too short or is it without the mouth shape. So i bought this MAM for a softer teat and with shape of the mouth. I also bought for 6+ mth because i’m thinking the previous for 3+ mth was too short. Mana tau he keep on showing his face wanna puke. But frankly speaking, Jboy never like the pacifier, he love the “natural” pacifier more. Is just that i need to train him to use the pacifier because i’ll be gone for 4 days and i’m afraid that my mom will have hard time putting him to sleep.

Normally if Jboy is given pacifier he will either spit it out or making the vomit face. So day time I nvr need to use the pacifier to put him to sleep. Maybe th spring cot also help alot lah.. but nite time i just wan him to fall asleep after so that i can have my time or sleep early.

Today i manage to force him to use the pacifier. it’s either use it or no pacifier at all. I did gv him the “natural” pacifier. I think he knows he got no choise so.. while sucking he grumbles too. hahah..

I also bought him a” teether” in case his new little tooth coming out.. which according to most babies arnd this age. Don’t ask about the price. i might need to go back to work if this temptation continues….

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