Back to KL

I’d cut Jboy’s toe nail until bleeding for the 1st time. *sob**sob* but thank God he still cannot feel what’s pain. So he nvr show any expression. *phew

We also plan to go back KL after work and so I pack all the stuff . Jboy alone is like the whole car.. so many things to bring. I’d list out Jboy stuff… OMG is 30++ stuff. Manage to write down everythign that need to bring… so i didn’t miss out anything unintentionally. BUT forgot to bring my own things. The worst part is.. i’d been bz the whole mornign packing and my f*cking HaB can show face when i told him i forgot to bring my things. We haven’t even drove out the front hse gate. He f*cking show his bl*ody face to me! What an as* h*le. i damn kau pek chek. I feel like telling him. go back urself. I’m done here. WTF WTF WTF just cannot get over it!


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