1 project done

Today i manage to clean the masteroom only. Jboy is still having a bad nose. No matter what i do, don’t on aircorn, off aircorn earlier, use air purifier whole nite. Nothing seems to work. Every morning around 7am his nose will start to block. Cannot breathe, in fact me too having the same problem but at least i can blow it out but he.. poor boy. He always end up crying. Today was worst. i use the nasal spray and his mucus all came out. Alot. Normally it won’t be that much lor.. my poor boy. Inherited from Mimi and Didi (Nice rite? i think i’m going to ask him to call us this)

Although there’s not much cleaning, i manage to hand make flash card for him. A to Z. I tried to find anywhere selling but i can’t find a suitably huge card for him. Further more now i’m income-less. So batter make my own lah. Next project is to make 1 to 10. Actually i have lotsa project for him eg: sand play grnd but this will be a few more year until he can walk, glass sticker which i already have all the material in my hse since pregnancy but nvr bother to kick start and many more lah.. dun wan to say too much la. later nvr do paiseh.. wuhahah…


Went to buy a new pacifier and a teething toy. Spend Rm50. ( i think i should need go back to work) We also manage to meet up with my friends to discuss some preparation. *ahem* i’m proud that i’m involve in this. Infact i even can help to choose the date for them. I must be their bestest friend. *ahem* We hv a drink in CIMB Old Town. Bear in mind CCTV everywhere… and i do my BF on the spot. No lah i was actually aware of it.. i uses his blanket to cover lah. i just wan to put him to sleep.. manatau once i put him in the pram he woke again. *argh* ended playing with him. My poor friend didn’t got me involve during the discussion.

I also met antoher aunty, AiNee. He daughter is 6mth old but Jboy looks so much bigger. HUGE-R! maybe mine is a boy lah. 😛

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