Again i’m making another decision.. i’m so confuse…

After spending 4 days with my son, i’m so attached with him. I cannot leave to work again. EVERYTIME i spend weekends with him i don’t want to go to work. (sounds like a kid dun wan to go to school on monday) i just cannot leave him.. my heart is so heavy everytime i think that i need to leave him behind to work. Oh my Gosh…

I tender my resignation immediately on Tuesday when i went back to work. i kinda feel relieve that i manage to tender and looking forward to be with my son. And then..another thing came across my mind…

i cannot provide my parent anything. i cannot help them in anything… my parent want to go for vacation but i cannot even support financially. OMG. again my mind starts to wonder, should i look for a job? should i leave my boy behind for a better future for him?

again i’m thinking, is the material things more important than the time spend with him and my family? which is which.. oh God i pray that you can guide me and show me… at least gv me a hint on what i should be doing… what right and what is the future You’d plan for me..

i’m confuse again.. haiz~~

(i put this pic although it’s blurr and on purpose to put horizontal because HE HAVE MY “SHADOW” –tumpang glamour sikit lah )

Got lah.. abit lah…


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