Great achievement

Today i manage to get back into my working pant!!!!!!

can you believe it? on the 1st week back to office i only manage to wear my khaki pants. it was like so tight fit. i wore it for the whole week *shy* *shy* no choise lah. i didn’t want to buy any pant which i know i’m going to wear only for few months. and pants are not cheap okay…

2nd week i manage to get into my JEANS. 🙂 yes, JEANS after wash! well i’m happy enough coz it’s already a big achievement. but now..even working pants also can masuk. how happy…

another great achievement was this morning… 9.5oz… can you believe it? me? 9.5oz? miki chua? who used to cry coz not enuf milk milk for j-boy? wow.. unbelievable happy.. 😀


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