New pump

My new toy reach yesterday. So i bring to work and manage to use once! too busy again. rush here rush there… don’t even hv time to sneak out.

however morning i pump 7.5oz and afternoon another 5.5oz. after work i pump another 7oz. i think the pump is really wokring. it’s draining out all my milk in me. great…

i am really proud of myself. i’m now consider 90% feeding him with BM. only at nite before sleeping i’ll feed him with formula. it is suppose to last longer at nite so i don’t need to wake up. but most of the time h a-b is the 1 getting up midnite.. hahahha…it also depending when is his last feed. normally he can last 7hrs before the next feed.

my supply is juz nice. not more not less. so i seriously need to increase my volume for rainny days. wondering what else can i do i increase… hai~

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