I cut his finger nails when he was sleeping. I’d cut it before i came here. real short. but only few days it grows again. afraid that he might scratch himself i cut again loh.

Now a days i didn’t let him wear the mittens anymore. Nurse say if keep on wearing he can’t feel his palm. ok loh… take out loh. need to cut finger nails.

At home, i’ll cut it while grandma feed him (bottle la of course) here, i juz need to wait for him to fall asleep. but after cutting 2 fingers, he start to make noise. he is very sensertive ppl touching his fingers. so i stop cutting and then zoom.. he just scratch his face like tat. blood start to come out. not say dripping out la.. but it’s like keep flowing loh. aiyo yo…

1 success story, i manage to capture his shit and it was alot!!

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