Cupcake Delivery

Today daddy did all the delivery. Everybody was excited to received it. It’s the new thing in Malacca. hahhaa…………

Went to see government again for check up. Both mummy and BB is doing fine. No injection no nothing. However doc gave a special oilment to apply on bb face and head to soften the thick-yellowish-skin before bathing.

I learn something about breastfeeding..if the BB continue to suck, it will produce more. More he suck, more it produce. It’s like high demand high supply. Another thing is with the BB suction is special.. when he is hungry he will suck harder and the body will produce thicker milk for more filling. If he suck for thirst the milk will be more diluted. I’m so amaze with the body behaviour towards BB suction.

So does this means pumping is no good??

We also went dinner for the 1st time with J-boy. We have to choose a spacious place, aircorn and clean. So we choose restaurant. He is also been a very good boy. During the whole makan session he was juz sleeping.

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