yala no money la..last time ppl ask me why no BB yet i told them no money. then ppl told me.. aiya BB come liao the money also will come in lah. So i believe loh.. now i got BB liao i think they bluff me..

who say deliver BB no need to much money wor..

1st we talk about pregnancy. u need to buy new bra, new maternity, worst if u’re a wokring mom. u definitely need new presentable, maternity baju. and can only wear for 9month. then u need a good pair of shoe. what about seluar dalam? all new.. basically new wardrobe la. then skin care. some mom will hv lotsa pimple due to hormone change. tak akan u dun buy apply to apply and save ur skin? thank God i’m 1 of the lucky 1. then talk about the stretch marks. which mom will wan to see her own stomach and thigh crack until “be kua” rite. so u start to buy various cream and lotion and oil believing it helps. BUT IT DOESN”T. i dunno how to calculate the $$ spend dring pregnancy loh. probably RM1k? sure enuf ma?

Talk about makan leh? ppl say eat this good for bb, eat that bb fair, eat tat the bb brain developement good. of course the kiasu kiasi mom will take loh. bird nest la, neurogain la, dunno what herb la. bla bla bla. dunno how much gone liao loh.. another few k?

Then talk about delivering. unless u’re delivering at the governement then dun say la. RM1k can kau tim everything including 1st class room loh. but u dare meh? those student operate u wor..so.. u decide to go private. say lah u lucky no problem, natural loh. say la u damn tahan sakit no need the epidural jap (save RM500) say la u can deliver immediately save the induction jap (Rm600) so u juz need to pay RM1.8k loh. But so suey, u go natural but keluar half way, half way stuck inside, u need to go c-sec (C-sec alone is RM4k) then total total is Rm6 to 7k loh.

Then u really very scared and worried for bb coz got family medical history. wanna keep the cord blood. Another few k. i think it’s arnd Rm7k. i dunno coz i really “bolui” to gv such luxury life for my j-boy. bad mommy loh…

Ok, BB delivered savely, mana tau jaundice la, (common for chinese) stay hospital for UV another Rm700 lo. Then so kesian like J-boy skin problem see doc take medication and cream another few hundred lo.

Now insurance. u wanna buy medical card plus life insurance. Wah Rm200 per month until he is age 99? chiseen loh.

Confinement leh? no money ask mom to be confinement lady lo if mom still young enuf. buy food during confinement also “chiak be liao” 1 time go buy pork is Rm100 liao. 1wk 1 time, then 1 meal eat half chicken. wanna eat kampung chicken or tesco chicken. then egg leh? eat kampung egg with less cholestrol or normal egg leh? mom too old liao hre confinment lady ma full day Rm3k half day RM1.5k. die loh..

Ok now BB come out liao.. need to feed ma. got breast milk ok lah. no milk how? buy milk powder loh. aiya some ppl say drink wat ever brand also ok wan la. DHA or no DHA is the same. But ppl say firnk pediasure, enfalec, S26 BB will be smarter wor. u dun wan meh? think back..sendiri already so stoopiak.. summore wanna let BB suffer from the stupidity meh.. ok pay more dirnk better milk. die loh.. 1 month spen another Rm400. then diapers leh? if got ppl wash the napkin for u ma lucky loh. if not? wash ownself, aiya better use disposable diaper (so not environtmentally friendly) another RM200 per month loh.

how much liao? i cannot calculate lah.. i think better dun calculate la. cannot finish wan. no wonder ppl say 1 bb cost a million…

BUT.. is all this worth? u got to ask yourself loh..looking at J-boy i just pray and hope i can be a good mommy and give all the best only for him. Do i wan a 2nd BB, i don’t know yet, coz i feel another BB will be like a stranger. hahaha.. wierd..


2 thoughts on “$$$$$

  1. wahhhhhhhhhhhh.. okla.. ur maternity clothes can recycle if u have 2nd one, or can sell it 2nd-hand. but delivery part, wow.. and wat comes after that.. cialat.. i also want to pengsan oredi see u calculate like that…

  2. OMG Miki.. I cannot stop giggling reading this post!

    I have always believed that getting married is expensive, but seriously, wait till you have a baby huh? 🙂

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