Day 6 : Visiting Clinic

We went to clinic for BB to check for jaundice, thank God doc said he was doing okay. Spend RM44 with nasal spray to clear off his mucus. Since we’re already there i went for check up myself, spend Rm55 just to open up the stitch and antibiotic cream for my wound. Doc also mention that my wound is torn abit. No wonder so painful.

Ha-B feeling guilty i think, he woke up during mid nite and jaga him. 3:30am to 5am BB still wide awake. I took over from 5am to 7am.

Today milk start to drip fast, 1.5oz from ONE SIDE!!

BB can also pee in the potty with stimulation. Clever boy.


Nasal spray to clear his nose “shit” and mucus

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