2nd Day : Carrying him in my arms

I am still waitting for the nurse to remove all my “gadget”  11am, finally the nurse came. I try to get up from the bed and walk to the nursery. Only “barley” water but i think it’s good enough to stimulate the breast milk production. 12 something i send him back to the nursery. Since i didn’t have much to feed, i ask the nurse to teach me how to spoon feed him. After his feeding, he went to sleep again. Nurse assure me that she will send BB back to my ward once he cry wanting for milk. i went back to my room to take a short nap.


(Mummy try to burp but Jedric fall asleep during mid-process)

I woke up 2pm. No news from the nurse. I walk again to the the nursery. When i reach the nursery i saw my boy’s bedding was covered with his own vomit. His head was all wet with vomit. The nurse claim that they do not know coz he didn’t cry. Stupid service. Stupid MMC! After they clean him, I decided to look after him myself. So geram. i fed him, and try to burp him. Slight sound. I think it’s sufficient since i also do not have much to feed.

Could feel his diaper is wet so i decided to changed him for the 1st time. Aiyoyo… unbelievable. The nurse didn’t clean him up properly. Still stain of shit stuck at his backside. Stupid MMC! My poor boy.


(Changing diaper for the 1st time)

Around 5pm, daddy came after work. Bringing own pillow and comforter because didn’t sleep well yesterday nite. Too cold. Later in the evening, Aunty Winnie, Poh Shian and Chin came visit. They all were so excited to see the little Jacky.

8pm i push Jedric back to his nursery. 30mins later, Uncle Steven and Aunty Wansin came. So i ask Ha-B to push the BB to the ward again. Not long Uncle Danny and aunty Justine also came. Grandpa, grandma, EeJin gugu and Meh Wah Jiejie also came. So many ppl were there to visit Jedric.

9something all went back and we also get ready to finish up the drama. The neighbouring bed left early this afternoon therefore tonite we have the whole room ourself. Hahaha…

Ha-B sleep beside me in the arm chair. Poor him. So cold and i could see him cuddle himself to tight at nite. But it’s ok-lah. Tonite will be the last nite. Tomorrow we’re going home. *Yeah*

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