Month of Festivals =)

Firstly we had totally forgotton about our Anniversary which falls on 10th Aug! YES both of us LUPA! The BB is not even born yet and both of us is already so bz with.. i don’t know what.

Luckily there’s still small celebration on our bday which falls on 20th and 21th, so happy birthday to us…

Colleague bought a cake for me, thanks Chin, PS and WP. Then dad also bought Choc Indulgence from SR for both of us. Ha-B bought my all time fav NadaseĀ  Rum and Raisin flavour.Ha-B also bought a pair of Croc for my swollen legs. Thanks darl. What i bought for him.. nothing.. but myself and BB.

Thanks to those who had send all your blessing and wishes to both of us. It’s a joy to know that so many friends had remembered the day. Also thanks to FB for reminding.. hahaha…but i guess i must be very old coz i don’t really care about bday celebrations. My mind is pre-occupied by the BB.. hahaha….


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