Latest update

Yes, i’d been very lazy to update about my pregnancy. most of the time, i’m  tied up with FB – restaurant city 😛

okay let’s see, i’d been facing with water retention right after i come back from hanoi trip. my leg start to swollen and it’s more difficult to walk especially in the morning. my feet , cannot bend. therefore i need to walk like a penguin. and with my tummy so huge in front. it makes me looks more like a penguin.

at 32wks now, i gain 12kg extra :”) weigh about 80kg now. 24wk to 28wks i’d gain 3kg. 28wk to 31wk gain 2kg. ( i promise will jian fei after delivery) bb pulak at 28wks weigh 1.3kg. doc say it’s abit bigger than normal. should be around 1kg. 4 weeks ago he is only 700g. in 1 month he grew 600g! fatty boy like daddy and mummy.

my stretch mark had extented up to my belly button. sad. i’d finish my clarins oil 2 moths ago.. so i didn’t use anything. only once awhile apply with the palmer cocoa butter. i’m not sure it’s the clarin’s that had stop my stretch my from expanding previously or my tummy had grown too fast recently which extended the stretch. my inner thigh also hv stretch marks. 😦

after vietnam many had notice my tummy. last month still got ppl ask me am i married or not. my tummy is 108cm(42.5inch) using belly button as reference point. i can hardly touch my asshole when i squat down. can you imagine how huge it is.

my nose had become bigger and rounder. my neck is fully of biji-biji. i dunno what’s is it called. but it grew more. colourless mole. my hair had thicken. very! my linea line is still not obvious. my belly button had not pop out yet. i get tired at 10pm now a days. dunno it’s too much brain usage at work or i’m only starting to feel fatigue. hahaha….


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