Just realise..

I’m at my 18th wks now but my symptom all shows like i’m at my 1st trimester. I’m begining to feel nausea and fatigue. Ha-B said maybe i’m just starting to realise / wake up / finally believe i’m having a life in me. I also think so..mom pulak says that 1 day nvr vomit more than 10times don’t ever even talk about it. (>_<)

Haiyo and ah~ this boy… is really a mat salleh. He don’t like chinese food. every time grandma cooks he sure mengamuk. He don’t like garlic. Even my favourite yee mee also he don’t like. ( the yee mee came with the fried onion). He also don’t like spicy food. If possible he just want to eat bread, bread and bread. i have limited food choices now..In the begining i’m still able to take yogurt but now….yogurt in, dinner out. *yuck*

I’m also feeling tired all the time. Why now? Ppl say 2nd trimester is the “honeymoon” semester. Why now…. notti boy. Maybe also i’d been gaining alot that’s why i’m tired. 6kg extra. it’s not good i know but i can only eat bread and some other high carbo stuff. fish also abit jelak, vege cannot goes with garlic, fried rice is a huge NO NO, cereal is too sweet, chicken have the chicken yuckie smell (KFC is the worst), fried, oily stuff is also big NO. i really have no idea what to eat. can someone tell me what to eat for my next 22weeks to come? thank God i’m still able to take the bird nest. you see, expensive boy with expensive taste.


2 thoughts on “Just realise..

  1. Nausea during pregnancy is different for every woman. Some had it easy while some had to vomit everything they take in. I had nausea and morning sickness until the day I delivered, so there was no ‘honeymoon’ trimester for me at all.

    One thing which helps though, is to take sourish juice like oranges, apples, grapes (blend, not extract) before and after your meals. It helps to keep food down but of course you have to take very light meals lar. I eat very little but I snack on fruits in between (again sourish fruits to keep nausea away) and take more meals

    If you’re putting on weight easily, go easy on cold drinks and sweet stuff. I think bread is ok. As for the fruit juices, like I mentioned earlier, just blend the fruits (some ideas: green apples+carrot, oranges+red apples, grapes+tomatoes, beetroot+green apples+oranges) and add 1/4 glass of water, that way you get all the fiber and stuff and don’t have to add sugar, tastes very very good! Take beetroot juice (must mix with other sour fruits, otherwise quite yucky) at least once a week…it’s good for blood cells.

    Ok, I’ve written too much. Haha. Hope it helps

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