One side bulging

This morning woke up, i was touching and feeling my big round tummy. I was sleeping side ways, and i realise that my tummy was bulging at on the lower left side of the tummy. i straight woke up and feel again the whole tummy. it was softer on the abdomen and right side but the left side like got something hard inside. OMG. i quickly stand up and press it in. I still don’t know what is it.. but all went back normal after that. *phew*

BB don’t scared mummy like that again okay…


One thought on “One side bulging

  1. The something hard is your baby my dear.

    It is very very normal for your belly to run out of shape, your baby is moving and exercising inside. If it feels uncomfortable, just rub on the hard side and your baby will return back to his position.

    When your baby gets bigger, he needs even more room to move, that time you’ll be able to see your belly ‘dancing’! Sometimes when your baby is stretching his arms/legs, you can something sharp jut out of your belly 🙂

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