Happy 牛 Year


Hahaha.. i’m still on time to wish every one a very Happy Moo Moo Year…

Where had i been so long?

I was busy preparing cookies, i was sick and i was very busy with my work. With all the shut downs and holidays, i only have few days in a week to finish up all the reports. What?! you think work 2 days then do 2 days work? Of course NOT. My boss will still require the same thing every week .

My company “released” us earlier by forcing us to take leave on the 23rd Jan but had to start work on 29th Jan.

This year new year was very similar with last year, Ha-B and I had reunion lunch at my mom’s place and rush back to KL immediately for the reunion dinner at his place. Except this year, i didn’t bring Cophie up. Last year a very tragical thing happen. I bring Missy up, and she was missing. This year i just let my parent take care of Cophie. hehehe.. poor thing.. my parent have to suffer.

This year is also a very special year because on the 1st day of new year, we  already went out with Ha-B’s friend. We went to a temple Fo Guong Shan and then gambling gathering at a friend’s empty condo.

2nd day is quite normal. Everybody will come to the house but the special thing is, this year, i’m feeling very much like home. Especially with the relatives. For the pass 2 CNY, i wasn’t feeling comfortable because in the big family, i couldn’t remember who and who. This year i cannot remember all but still able to recognise some.

This year is trully a very special year for me….

[picutres stored in another PC so for pictures of CNy pls refer to here and  here]


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