Furious and lots of Anger

9 something at night, we were going for dinner and Ha-b wanted a hair cut. So after dinner we went to Tesco and i was driving because he was eating “char kuey” in the car. The parking lot was very extremely full of cars. I spot a car coming out and  i quickly put on my signal light. Another car from opposite direction also spotted the opportunity and was moving toward the spot. When the car reversed out, of course i went in the lot. It’s suppose to mine anyway. Maybe the car opposite that was waiting didn’t see me.

They honk like mad. Ha-b ask me to reverse back and give them the spot. I was reluctant but i did reverse out to gave them the spot. However half way reversing, the car next to me was going out too and the car behind me was also going to leave. Meaning that there will be 2 empty space! And it will be very stupid to hog the whole road because i need to reverse and give my space to the stupid car and then wait for the 2 cars to leave and then only i park my car. rite? rite?

So i move forward and park my car properly since there’s already 2 empty space. The stupid car didn’t park, but they move to another empty spot far far away and waited. I don’t know what they are waiting for but i just let Ha-b finish his “char kuey” and then only get down the car. The passenger in the stupid car saw that we didn’t get down, they move to another spot and try to hide behind a big car. I did saw the car number plate, Mxx1729, white kancil with 2 red stripe ticker across the car boot.

After he finish, we get down and walk into Tesco. I was so stupid not to sense anything. Idiot me! When we came back, i saw my newly painted car (2 months ago) got a deep scratch from back until the front. I was damn furious.

I really wanted to smack the fella if i ever saw the car again. i even want to smash all the window and puncture the four tyre. I was cursing and swearing in my heart! I really want to take my revenge. Even the next morning i was still very angry because 1st the spot is suppose to be mine, 2ndly they already hv 2 other spot to choose, and 3rdly my car is newly painted *argh*

After the 3rd day, which is today, my feelings is more to heart ache than angry. My car….*sob* *sob* i was thinking alot, and i decided to forgive them and move on. i choose to forgive them. Coz i know if i do anything bad, God will be very disappointed of having a child like me. I’ll be humiliating my own religion and my own Lord Father. I’m still not completely over it yet, but i choose, i choose to forgive. Satan had got into them and do such nasty things to me, i wouldn’t allow myself to be easily influenced by bad things. I pray that God will calm me and help me to get over this anger. Help me to get over my bad mood and down feelings.


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