Managing Fiancial Crisis (konon)

My cleaning agent decided to charge extra RM10 per session for this coming festival season. Normal rate is RM70 which is consider expensive because some of my ex-colleague is paying only RM50 for each session (other agent)

Anyway since there’s so many shutdown, i had decided to be my own maid.  Save the RM80. Obviously my skill is not as good as them. 😀 i just manage to clean the downstairs (last week) and too tired to continue.  Did upstairs only this week together with ironing.

Thinking that i had done a wonderful job saving on the RM80, i went shopping! Hahaha… bought myself a saloon shampoo Schwarzkopf – Moisture Kick . According to the lady, less chemical, less damage. I also thinking of treating my hair better.

It’s suppose to give moisture without the oily feeling. After only 2 washes, i guess i can see much. Let’s see how. I bought at Rm70 for 1250ml. (save on cleaning lady spend on shampoo)


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