Red Coffee Anyone?


My poor baby is still suffering from the red yeast infection.

Eventhough i had tried to changed the shampoo, it didn’t help much. I even let him drink “diamond” filtered water. No improvement. However the supplement did help a little but not curing it. Some feedback from owners is that 1 bottle could cure their pets and last up till 6 months not showing any sign of red yeast.

I had to do something so i changed the dog food (that cannot be purchase in Malacca, therefore i need to go KL) recommended by Alan. Orijen. F*cking expensive okay! 7kg for Rm128. Even Royal Canin or Eukanuba also not so expensive. ~RM100 for 10kg. I also bought with the supplement for RM99. Hope this time there’s a change and cure to my dear Cophie. Together with his luxury food, i bought him a toy because he had destroy all his toys. Including the latest toy, less than a month. It’s gone. His tennis ball is also torn into few pieces. He even de-skin it. Don’t ask me how. I don’t know where the green outer layer gone to. I hope this new toy is more durable -guess not. Before i could even finish this blog and take a picture of the toy, it already started missing some parts. *geez*


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