Again Boosting the Economy?

Me, Ha-B and his 2 sister went to Adidas warehouse sales. Already the 3rd day. The queue was still acceptable long but since my sister already in, so we decided just stand by the window instruct her what to get for us and what we want to see. Basically my choise is a shoe and a jacket which i am still longing since HK trip. I manage to get both of it and in fact more than that. It’s already the 3rd day, and i’m just standing outside the window and  still “manage” to spend RM380. If i went the 1st day, i think i’ll spend more than Rm1000 *phew*…so uncontrollable. Ha-B accidentally bought a basketball jersey. It was actually wrong signal send through the window and my sister thought he like it. It was RM50 but it can be wear reversible so i told him no worries, RM50 divide 2 because can wear 2 pattern. It’s only RM25. Cheap! haha…


Same day went to the Prestige Branded Fragrances & Cosmetics Warehouse . Told you i wasn’t very into perfums. Just so happen that i had many.  😀  I didn’t bought anything for myself but i did help a colleague to buy Givenchy Amarige Mariage set.  I think it’s very worth it. Only RM109.


Next day went to Pavillion, actually wanted to add collection to my “bling” “bling” lucky charm bracelet. Forgot to bring pulak. End up buying a working pant at Forever21 (again) and really been a very good girl for not spending extra. In fact i am so interested in the MAC Christmas brush set, but feel that i don’t really use it coz i don’t apply anything to work everyday. Feeling very frickle minded, VC said If you have doubt don’t buy which i really need to thank her because i feel that she is so right! Why would you buy if you have any doubt in it. From today onward i am going to carry this advice with me everytime i go shopping. Thank darl’ VV.


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