Shutdown to Boost the Economy?

Today is a day I thought the shopping centre will be empty. So since my company is having a shutdown, my colleagues and I planed to have sushi at Dataran Pahlawan. 50% off for everything on the belt. Mana tau, on the way, terrible traffic jam. Where does all the ppl come from? They no need to work meh? I shutdown they also shutdown meh?

8 of us. After eating, we headed to EYS (Eeu Yang Sang) to buy PFY (Pai Fung Yuen) 1 of my colleagues have this privilege card, can have discount up to 10%. So I grab the PFY for Rm158 two boxes (normal price is RM88 per box) and some grab the Chicken Essense.. etc. We are really like coming out from dunno which jungle buying so many box and packs. Ppl looking at us must be thinking EYS having mega sales or wat? hahaha…

Later on, 1 of my colleague wanted to buy eye liner and eye shadow. I suggested that Elianto is the best place because it’s only RM5 per colour and there’s variety. 8 of us just storm into the shop and test every single colour. I think the promoter also nyanyuk. But end up buying 1 pathetic glitter thingy. Damn malu rite? But we are all engineers and don’t apply much make-up on the face. However we still like to pay those shops a visit, so we went FaceShop, Shins, Guardian & Watson pharmacy and Body Shop.

I end up buying 2 things from BodyShop because (1) i have a friend there (2) i run out of moisturiser (3) i need to get a lip scrub to safe my crack / chip lips.


HELLO !! ~~ We are actually having a shutdown and we should be very sad because we are force to take leave but here we are… doing shopping?? Boost the economy or what? In fact i saw many of my other colleagues were there too!!

I guess the economy down turn has not affect many ppl yet or at least Malaccans..


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