pls COACH me

I have a friend, WP who went to US. I wanted to ask her to get a COACH bag and 2 wallets for me but because she is bringing her daughter and mother along to visit her husband there, i’m afraid that she will be too busy taking care of them. So i just ask her to get 1 small wallet for my Ha-B. It was a surprise gift for Ha-B.

Mine, i have no hurry. I have another friend, CF is working there and will be back once a year. ( I think) so i ask him to get for me. I send him pictures of sample with my budget price.. hahaha….


Finally today he email Ha-B saying he manage to get mine (Coach Mandy Signature Courier) for USD$140. Original price is USD$398.  It’s around 60% discount!! Not only that, he got the one from my choises. Too great to be true. But he didn’t manage to get the wallet because he cannot accept the bright pink colour. 😦 Old man taste….BUT STILL THANK YOU CHANGFONG!

Engineers will always talk about specification, so here it is :

13″ strap
– 11 1/2 (L) x 7 3/4 (H) x 3 1/4 (W)


OK la. If i really want the wallet, i’ll ask another friend to get for me…but since Ha-B already bought me a very long lasting Braun Buffel few years back, so i might as well save some cash due to the economy crisis. or………… maybe get another bag for casual outing. 😛 (greedy!) I actually have 2 dream bag from LV but i won’t share because “pantang”. Ppl say share liao sure cannot de. hahahaha

Recently suddenly i am owning so many bags. 2 more new bags to post. Thanks to VC (i need to ask her permission wheather i can blog about it or not).  I think my next post i will write about all the bags i am having. What you think?


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