Sad but Happy

Ever since i started to work, i had been on 1 day of force leave due to plant shutdown. My company have a policy that each month we work we are given 1 day of annual leave. We can only take unpaid if we are short of leaves. But for those force leave we have the benefit of “hutang” the company.

This month (November) I had to take 3 “unwilling” days off.

Following months.. i got no eye see…see for yourself

Legend: Weekend (red), Holiday (yellow), Shut Down (blue)


This is the part i am sad. I have no leave. Total of 15 days force leaves, means i have to hutang company 15 days. I will be working for 1 year and 3 month without any leaves earned. Haiz~~~ Now my wokring days will be so boring because i got nothing to aim. Blame it all on the economy.

But the part i am happy is that i am able to have a loOooooOog break. (sound lazy?) Should start planing for my vacation. Luckily i had already pre-arrange my Bangkok trip during Christmas. (25th Dec – 28th Dec)


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