Miki Has Done It Again

Again i cannot control myself….

It was Deepavali Season..wait a minute did you notice that I always spend on the festival season? 1st was Raya in Singapore and now Deepavali in WanU ?? OK OK i am just celebrating the happy festival together with them…can?  Anyway back to my Deepavali shoppping at WanU, i went into this shop that i NEVER would even think of buying anything. Everthing is so expensive.

But since it was written sales, so i walk in and spotted a very organized shop with the same colours tops and dresses were in one location. Then i saw a sweet dress and saw the tag, RM40. So my guess must be the original price minus RM40. It’s just another gimmick. Well i continue browsing and then another dress with RM129. So it kept me thinking.. was it really the price…

Cannot tahan i had to ask the girl, and she said “YES” It’s the price of the dress. Without any hesitation i grab and charge into the chinging toom to try it on. In fact i spotted 2! So i gave Ha-B my reasons to buy 2 because

1. My sister bday on the way and there’s a party

2. So many wedding dinner on the way.

3. It’s Deepavali (so?)

And so…. once again i had spend without any slightest regrets. This time it was cheaper than my previous shopping trip. I wonder if Ha-B going to bring me shopping again?



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