How True Can This Be?


They ask her, why did you get married in such an early age?

=> Because i love him and i am very sure he loves me the same in fact even more than i could imagine.

Are you sure he is the one? How sure?

=> No doubt


=> He is patient, he is loving, no matter what i did; right or wrong he will always find reasons for me. When we have disagreements he will put himself into my shoe and understand the whole situation without even me trying to explain why or what i did. I get angry for no reasons, he blame it on the menstrual. I told him I’m easily agitated, he said God’s arranged in such a way for him to be a more patience with me. He explain countlessly how he loved me and remind me that we should work things out no matter what happen because deep down inside us we loved one another. He told me the “balloon” story. He never shout or scream, he is always at his best controlling his anger well. He reminds me how lucky i am. He talks with his true open heart.


They ask her, why did you get married in such an early age?

=> Stupidity and naive

How sure you are marrying the right man?

=> Dunno


=> He no longer is the man i married to and i no longer remember why i even get married. He don’t talk and he even ask me to “shut the hell up”. He don’t listen and he throws his anger whenever he feel like it. I told him my menstrual is on the way, he persist on getting on my nerve.

“The Cinderella in the fairy tale had turn into her nite mare. Isn’t this a very contradicting sad? So the email that had been circulating with the “before and after marriage” is true. Hahaha…..Perhaps life is full of changes and when the changes is untolarable, unbearable, at the point of giving up, what could be next? Some choose to be ignorance, some choose the easy way out. But if there is no solution, there’ll be none”


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