~ Shu Shoo Shu ~

I’m thinking that it’s been a long time since i update diary so i’ll write about my shoes / sandle / heels etc.

My most recent working heels is from SnowFly; RM160 ( damn ex but super comfy ). I didn’t intend to buy just wanted to try cause it’s rather cute but my leg refuse to let go. No choise, need to pamper my feet because i have ankle and toe problem. Yes i have a crooked toe that need to wear a toe correcter or operation to cure it.

My most recent sliper is from Birkenstock; S$60 ( damn cheap if i am earning S$ ). I wanted to get for a very long long long time. VC told me it’s good for my flat feet.

My most recent lady-like sport shoe is from Adidas; RM70 ( good price ). I just love hate the shop that made me spend everytime i walk there. It’s location in MP upstairs. Recently i told ha-B not to walk in but he didn’t listen to me. I spoted another Adidas for RM70 again. I didn’t even wanted to have the 2nd look and walk out immediately! “good girl”

And now i present my feet protector:

–> Wear to work

—> Wear for sports, long walk, vacation

–> Wear for dinners and short walks but usually don’t wear them

–> Wear most of the time to anywhere including work.. šŸ˜›


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