Cophie’s New Stuff

It’s been a long long time since i update about my baby boy.

Recently ijust bought him a suppliment for his coat. His tear stain and palm is getting red-der and red-der. It’s said to be infected by red yeast. That thing cost me RM100 and it didn’t cured him. Although it seems to be less, still it’s there making Cophie looks like a dirty dog. Many of dog’s owner tried and works. I guess it must be something that Cohpie is eating. So i now changed his food from Royal Canin to Eukanuba.

Also i tried to swith his shampoo to those whitening type. Hope this works. The shampoo is 500ml and RM27. Hubby said just buy him Rejoice it’s a lot cheaper. hahaha…

Next i am getting him a traveling bag. My firend is going to Bangkok, so i ask her to help me to buy so that i could bring Cophie to places i go and without many ppl noticing. 🙂

He had just destroy one of his fav toy. This never happen to Missy before. Missy cares and protects her toys carefully but this notti boy is totally the opposite. He is the destroyer. Even his bowl is also full of bite marks. *argh*

Just hope and pray hard MY things don’t end up in his mouth.


I don’t blog so much because my camera had went into the hospital


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