Adorable, Notti, Darl’ Baby D-boy

He is Dylan. He is my fav niece’s lil brother. He is my fav nephew. Unlike his sister who is always shy and quiet, he is just too notti and playful… i juz love his notti-ness. Too adorable. If i ever have a baby boy i will really love to be like D-boy.

Imagine he can climb out from the baby play pen with his toe kepit-ting the bars. He always sing to me A,B,C and Twinkle Little Star and many more. Even though he is not even 2 yrs old he could sing fluent. hehehe..whenever he is back from Jakarta, i will try to slot my time to visit him.

(25.08.06: just born)


( standing strong even still not stable )

( 29.12.07: “look at my coconut hair” )

( 13.3.08: preparing for grandad 60th bday. btw he fall asleep on my tummy. must be really soft and fatty fluffy )

( 13.03.08: Just woke up at grandad dinner )

( 19.06.08: “mummy say eat biscuit must put on the plate, sit nicely and cannot walk here walk there”. Exactly like their mom when she was young )

( 26.07.08: HC graduation day. This is is favourite cartoon character now, Mak Tau. He can sing the Mak Tau song and laugh all day )

( and his sista)

( 21.06.08: Lastly, 3 lovely babies in the family on Seangi’s wedding )


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