HC graduation

We had a very full pack event on 26 Jul. 1st we went all the way to Kajang to fetch the 2 lil’ cutie and their mom, my dearest cousin. Then we went warehouse shopping for one of JJ’s clothing brand which cost only RM5 per piece. YES, you heard me right. Only RM5 per piece.

Then we went to my sista graduation ceremony. Actually we were there just to take pictures of evidence of our presence. hahaha…..it was really hot and humid that day. I nearly fall dead. To make things worst, the refreshment session was under a RED canopy. What a brilliant idea! It was so hot! We quickly snap a few pictures and headed back.

Later on, that same day, we went to GH for Winnie Hsin concert. It was actually sponsored by someone who is well connected to GH. That is why our ticket was for VIP and cost RM297. Cool eh?

This was the 1st time we watch concert together.

It was a wonderful consert from the beautiful voice of Winnie. She really have beautiful song, beautiful voice, beautiful face and beautiful legs.


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