27 June : Tuaran, Kundasang, Mersilau & Poring

On the way to our destination, we stop by the road side to hunt for crab. The crab and huge Kokokis (Sabah language for LaLa) was selling at RM15 per kg each. Can you imagine? I will die of high cholesterol if i stay here any longer. Anyway we bought 1 kg each and decided to BBQ it later at nite at the Poring Hot Spring.

Lunch, we go for Tuaran Mee. (Tuaran is actually the name of a place. You will pass this place if you go for Mt KK climbing) Yaw forgotten the location of the best shop selling this, but 2nd will do too.  Appearantly it can only be found at this place call Tuaran. Although it looks like Yee Mee, but it’s not. Trust me, the taste is much much better.

After lunch, we bought all the stuff for our BBQ session. Candle, charcoal and wire mesh. Didn’t waste anymore time, we headed to Kundasang dairy Farm for our milking Aussie cow session. There is 2 session, 10am-12pm and 2nd session is 2pm-4pm.On the way, i manage to take one nice photo.

Does this remind you of the advert for  “that” ciggie?

Like i had said earlier in my Sabah trip blog. We are quite unlucky when it comes to all this non-makan session. The farm was actually close for removation???!! What they need to renovate? The cow? Sh*t……. %^$&^&(*&^

We just hang arnd and took many many many pictures to gain back our Yaw’s effort driving there.

I like this scene but then the phone line on top there destroy the whole picture. And also the sky looks dark but Yaw say the sky here is always dark, like wanna rain.

Then we went up to this Mersilau National Park. We need to pay RM3 and it can be use for other parks as well. This is one of the entrance to Mt KK. Obviously the room here is also very expensive. RM300++ per nite. We just snap the pictures and pretend we stayed here lor.

After all the *snap* *snap*, we continue our plan to Ranau for Poring Hot Spring and Canopy walk. On the way to the hot spring, we saw an advert! Guess what?! Our luck has change!

We call the man and he wanted to charge us RM11 per head. We didn’t argue about the price. He came all the way from dunno where and used a small lorry to fetch us up to the place. (it’s actually belakang his rumah la) Before we hop onto the lorry, we nego with him the price. We told him 5 person RM50 enough lo. I think he also gave up because too many ppl talking and make him pening. hahaha.. we all hop in, and pay to the lady boss and she bring us to her backyard where she plant her koko, which is also the forest. She claim that it’s hers. Damn huge i tell you. We have to walk arnd 5min to reach the flower.

Although the flower we saw is not the “Biggest” , but it also have the width of 73cm. (Largest Rafflesia is 112cm) According to the aunty who owns the land which means she owns the flower, which also means that she can collect entrance fees that the next day will be the last day to see the flower. *phew* what a luck.

Since we already paid, RM10 each, we snap the pictures like nobody business. I think the aunty also wait until bored. hahaha.. luckily we did tat because when we came back, most of the picture were shaken.

Next, Poring Hot Water Sulphur Spring and Canopy walk. We have few choices; water fall, xxx cave (forgot the name), hot spring and Canopy hanging bridge. We didn’t have much time left, we decided that we do not want to walk too much so we just rule out some places. Water fall (too far, arnd 2hrs walk), Cave (can go gua tempurung), Canopy (can FRIM at Selayang) Left with the hot water lor..nearest. hahaha…

Yaw didn’t get to enjoy much at the hot spring because he was getting ready to start a fire for your BBQ session.

We all join him shortly because kesian him doing alone. Then comes the rain, we have to take the banana leaves and make shelter so that the rain don’t put out our fire. At least BBQ all the crab 1st. Then the rain to become heavier, we got no choice but to move our pit to a covered area. But it was fun lo. I had never tried this before. BBQ in the jungle and raining. Makes me feel like Survivor. Hehehehe….

Thanks to Yaw for our lovely tea break ( it was arnd 5pm tat time) Yeah you hear me right. Crab for tea break. Very nice and you can taste the real freshness of the crab and the sweetness of the kokokis.

Haha..you must be wondering why i didn’t put any picture of the hot spring, instead all the BBQ picture. Aiya, i am more excited in the extra ordinary thing we did ma.

We went home arnd 7pm and have dinner near town. We spend the rest on the nite with beer because it’s cheap. “tigak spuluh” – three for ten ringgit. Damn cheap rite?


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